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Made-to- Measure for the Perfect Fit


Custom Womens Dive Backzip Fullsuit


Custom-Tailored For a Precise Fit

All of our custom wetsuits are made-to-order for only your individual specifications We take 16+ measurements from head to ankle for a precise fit.

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Select Thickness:2/2
Additional Zippers:None

Our custom dive wetsuit is tailored and crafted to an individualized and personal fit. We considered the challenges of an everyday diver and designed each feature for the smoothest ease of entry and handcrafted with the best materials. Each wetsuit is custom fitted to 16+ measurement points for a precise and individual fit. Made from Yamamoto #40 limestone neoprene, an ultra-stretchy compression resistant rubber that is both lightweight and warm. 

      • Back Zip Entry: Includes extra long pull cord attachment and adjustable velcro neck collar for preferred tension 
      • Internal Gasket Liner: Included for additional barrier against flushing. 
      • Large panel design for ease of entry
      • Key pocket located on the left calf to store valuables  
      • Made from 100% Yamamoto #40 Limestone Neoprene: features improved compression resistant characteristics for constant warming qualities throughout any depth.
      • Available in 2mm, 3mm, 5mm, 7mm  
      • Additional Option: Add ankle and wrist zippers to help put on gloves and boots 
      • Rinse with fresh water after every use
      • Rinse both the inside and outside of wetsuit and zipper 
      • Hang dry your wetsuit over the waist out of direct sunlight
      • Do not hang your wetsuit by the shoulders, this will break the neoprene and result in an improper fit
      • Do not wash your wetsuit in any machine washing device

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      One-Year Warranty for Free Alterations

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      Custom Womens Dive Backzip Fullsuit



      Add Ankle & Wrist Zippers

      Include ankle and wrist zippers to make it even easier to put on gloves and boots. Highly recommended for 5mm and 7mm fullsuits.

      The Best Neoprene On the Market

      Include ankle and wrist zippers to make it even easier to put on gloves and boots. Highly recommended for 5mm and 7mm fullsuits.

      Key Pocket

      A secure key pocket is included on the outside of the left calf.

      what customers are saying

      "I’ve owned several custom dive suits and when it was time for another I chose 7TILL8...I opted for the 7 mm thickness with attached hood and the horizontal chest zip entry, no other zippers. The water here ranges from the low to mid 50’s Fahrenheit to high 60’s, so I need a warm suit, and I got it! The construction is immaculate, and the fit is perfect. Nice flexible rubber."

      - Jack U.

      "The suit fits PERFECTLY. The construction seems to be flawless. I took a chance on the Yamamoto neoprene - this is more expensive than my normal custom 7mm suits that I have gotten in the past. Glad I did. It is stretchier than normal wetsuit neoprene. Easy to get on and off. "

      - Michael Z.

      "Rather than sharing a review of a brand new 7till8 wetsuit, I prefer to do it after 6months, when you see the real performance, and not a nice smelling boxed item. I am comparing this to a renowned dive brand's top of the range wetsuit. Generally, the neoprene shows no sign of collapse or volume reduction, which is different to the off the shelf brand.No sign in weakness at the joint, stich, and zippers. About 50∼80dives and the knee reinforcement is extremely strong. A tight seal on the ankle and wrist is apparent (especially I balloon up under a shower).3mm is way too warm in Bali, but it just prove the wetsuit doing its job. 2.5hrs of continuous diving, and not a bit cold."

      - LC W.

      Why We Choose To Go Custom

      We believe the key to a great wetsuit is fit.

      A tight fitting wetsuit restricts range of motion. A loose fit invites in flushing.

      We focus on custom wetsuits because a personalized fit increases your comfort, flexibility, and allows you to stay warmer longer.

      Free Alterations and Repairs Included With Each Custom Wetsuit

      Custom Womens Dive Collection

      Wherever you are on your diving journey, we have the right wetsuit for your needs.

      We offer a variety of neoprene thicknesses, styles, and colors for suit all depths of diving.

      If unsure of which wetsuit is right for you, try our Wetsuit Buyer's Guide.