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Waves of Appreciation: Surf Brands We Love - Week 4 - Album Surf

Waves of Appreciation: Surf Brands We Love - Week 4 - Album Surf

The surf industry is defined by its flagship product - the surfboard - yet it’s the most challenging business to navigate, with high costs, slim margins, and complex logistics. We couldn’t run a campaign around supporting independent surf without including a surfboard, and we knew it had to be epic. To conclude our Beyond Black Friday gifting campaign, we’ve chosen Album Surf, a brand that embodies everything we love about surf gear at the highest level and is so inspiring that they intimidate us to this day. 

Since 2001, Matt Parker has crafted surfboards that seamlessly blend design-centric aesthetic appeal with high performance, and witnessing their enduring consistency is truly awe-inspiring.When we started 7till8, Album Surf set an exceptionally high bar for us by showcasing the possibility of embracing the unconventional and taking calculated risks. Their existence granted us permission to be undaunted in our own pursuits.

We’ve seen the confidence that a great top-tier surfboard can bring in the lineup and we want that for you. For Week 4 (11/27-11/30), we are stoked to announce that we are gifting a $100 gift card from Album Surf. While our gift with purchase won’t cover an entire surfboard, we hope it empowers you to take a step closer to elevating your quiver.

Learn more about the brand and why we chose them: 

In case you missed it:

Instead of participating in Black Friday, we’ve decided to dedicate this month to supporting independent surf brands we love by buying their products at full-price and gifting them to you. 

Here’s how it works. Each week, we’ll reveal the brand & gift that will be available for that week only. 

  1. To receive a gift, you must make a purchase of a fullsuit (or dollar equivalent) on
  2. Give us 2 business days to fulfill your gift order.  
  3. We’ll make the purchase at full-value directly on the brand’s store and you’ll get the receipt for full transparency. You’re also now their customer.  
  4. Your custom wetsuit order will be processed separately and arrive in our current 3-4 week lead times.

If you’re wondering what motivated us to do this, we explain our rationale on the Journal: Going Beyond Black Friday: How We're Supporting Surf Instead