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Made-to- Measure for the Perfect Fit


Inner Monologues

Inner Monologues

We hope you’re living well these days, that you’re spending more of your hours with the sun on your face and salt sticking to your hair. 
For those who’ve forgotten that blissful feeling amidst the cold and the chaos, this is an invitation to bring yourself back to that yearning for the water. 

 Inner Monologues

I wake up to the grind.
Coffee. Emails. Meetings.
Working isn't living.
I clock out.
The day is done.
Time to surf.

Pull up to the break.
The reward, the palette cleanser.
The water is glassy and blue and I'm here.
I'm suiting up and the phone is far away.
I'm waiting, unwinding, collecting myself.
Fully immersed, totally present.

I can breathe.

I'm connected to the water.
A shift in energy; a set is coming.
My mind goes blank and the body flows freely.

The sun is setting.
The waves turn to molten metal.
I'm soaking in each ride.
The sun dips below the horizon.
My sight dims and I paddle to shore.
Droplets scattering, reflecting the last light.
Ready to do it all again tomorrow.

Surfer: Joshua Perez @kindoftired_
Creative Director: Thembi Hanify @thembihanify
DoP & Editor: Will Adler @willadlerphotographs
Photographer: Wyn Herrick @wynherrick