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Matt Pagan Shows Us His Game Plan

Matt Pagan Shows Us His Game Plan

For those in the South Bay, you’ve likely noticed Matt Pagan in the lineup. He is a well-known Los Angeles surfer who surfs with precision and confidence - when Matt’s on a wave, you know he’s not going to fall on his maneuver.

As an experienced competitive surfer, he’s hitting critical parts and maximizing everything the wave can offer in his surfing. Not only does he hold an encyclopedia of surf knowledge in his brain, he does a great job articulating the technical nuances of surfing.  And he’s generously sharing these insights with us. 

PAGAN USA is a surf brand that is here to help you get better at surfing and we’re especially stoked on his weekly newsletter. The Under Construction Surf Club dispatches are like getting a coaching session from a pro-surfer. By sharing his surf progress and subjecting himself to analysis, Matt shares detailed breakdowns and valuable insights on his process. 

We appreciate how Matt is inviting everyone to come along with him in the hopes of helping his community get better. Instead of trying to get his slice, Matt focuses on growing the pie.

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Surfer, Entrepreneur, Shaper: Matt Pagan, PAGAN USA

Photos and Video: Lucas Bica