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Waves of Appreciation: Surf Brands We Love - True Ames

Waves of Appreciation: Surf Brands We Love - True Ames

 It’s been a few days into our gifting campaign and we realized that this is also an opportunity to share and educate about independent surf brands we love. 

Learn more about the brand, why we're fans, and what we'd get next for ourselves. 



This is a single fin that works for all levels of surfing, from beginners to professional, and accommodates any board that takes a single fin. You could put it in your log, shorter alternative shape, or more. Owning the Greenough 4-A is not only efficient, but this fin design has withstood the test of time. We are particularly enamored by the self-taught fin designer George Greenough, a craftsmen with a wealth of knowledge on surfcraft, surfing, hydrodynamics, design, and the ocean. 


For those getting bored of shortboards and thrusters, consider the Bonzer. The Bonzer center fin can hold well in barrelling and critical surf, which is perfect because it looks like a lot of swell is coming to California. What’s great about the Bonzer is it can hold and harness that kind of powerful energy, while maintaining the freedom of turning and maneuvering with control.


For longboarders looking to get extra nose time, the D2 single fin provides stability while maintaining trim. Best used in point break wave settings, this fin is a tip of the hat to the classic 50s-60s surfing when fins were all wood and glassed on heavy. True Ames honors surfcraft fully here by preserving the integrity of the design while evolving only what’s necessary to adapt to modern times. 

 All images sourced from: True Ames