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Waves of Appreciation: Surf Brands We Love - Emocean

Waves of Appreciation: Surf Brands We Love - Emocean

COVID-19 unexpectedly diversified the surfing community, with people of color now representing 40% of US surfers - a stark contrast to the dominant media narrative around surfing. Emocean, which launched Issue 01: Joy in the thick of the pandemic in 2021- seeks to serve as a reflection of what surf culture really is in 2023 by “rewriting tired mainstream archetypes, bringing radical creative depth to surf”. 

What stands out most about Emocean is their boldness in calling out the uncomfortable issues often downplayed in surf culture: localism, trans-identity, and bro culture. Each issue revolves around an emotion, providing a consistent thread connecting surfing and vulnerability. The design is also sublime. 

Looking to go below the surface with your surf perspective? We share the stories and issues that had us in our feelings.