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Made-to- Measure for the Perfect Fit


What is Ease?

What is Ease?


Fit lesson #1
Ease is the difference between the measurement of the wetsuit pattern vs the measurement of the human body.

Example: a standard chest circumference is around 39’ - so the wetsuit pattern should be made at about 36’ circumference due to the way neoprene material stretches. The -3 inch difference between the two measurements helps create a nice and firm fit around the body.

If the measurements of the wetsuit and the person are exactly the same, the wetsuit will end up feeling loose because the neoprene will just barley be touching the skin.Subtracting from the circumference of the wetsuit measurment will allow a snug fit, but also allow a great range of motion

Taking this into consideration, understand that every part of your body has different ease. Every ease point is different, an off-the-rack wetsuit cannot cater to multiple consumer ease points.
This is why you may have a rash on your neck, water flushing your wrists or ankles, and a suit that fits a little too loose or tight, even if it is your “correct size” being a little to loose.

Understanding ease and #goingcustom greatly improves your surfing and shopping experience. No more trying on multiple brands and sizes, no more restrictions or extra material due to inaccurate sizing.
Lets end being uncomfortable in your wetty. #gocustom now