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Surfventures: A Guide to Playa La Saladita

Surfventures: A Guide to Playa La Saladita

We needed a break. We were overdue for a surf trip and so we threw up the "Out of Office" notice on our emails, wrapped our surfboards in a million layers of pipe insulation foam (and hoped for the very best), left our wetsuits behind, and headed to Playa La Saladita to surf our brains out in the jungle for a week. As a team of goofy footed surfers typically feasting on a buffet of rights, riding in the land of delicious lefts had us salivating the second we got off the plane. 

We first heard about La Saladita via the longboard invitational event Mexilog Fest and became intrigued when our friends at Un Mar De Colores created a Surfista Athletic Scholarship program to support the local rippers of Team Saladita. Once we heard that La Saladita is known to be the longest left in Mexico and nicknamed the "reverse Malibu", we had to be there. There are waves for every level of surfer and plenty of options for any type of board length. 

Heeding the tips in "How To Have a Positive Impact on the Places We Visit For Surf", we approached this trip with humility and mindfulness as the privilege to travel is not one we take for granted. 

We've learned how important it is to support the local economy as a tourist and so we are shining a light on some of the businesses that helped create a perfect vacation:

  • Rent a Car at Johnny's: Upon landing in Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo International Airport, we took a short walk down the street and rented a car from Johnny Ca$h Car Rental. Johnny speaks perfect English, provides straps for your board bag, and will drive you back to the airport upon returning the car. We found driving in Mexico to be safe, easy, and gave us lots of freedom to explore. 
  • Stay at Casa Margarita: A three-minute walk from the break, staying at Casa Margarita was the best choice we could have made. Lauren is an excellent host and not only is her house a dream of a place to stay at, she cares deeply about supporting the local economy and will prioritize this in her recommendations. All of our experiences here are thanks to her.  
  • Eat at Marejada (pictured): Hamburgers may not be the first thing that come to mind when trying local cuisine, but the artisan burgers here are chef's kiss. Marejada means swell, so eating there may also mean stumbling onto a surf film screening and scoring some tips on surf breaks from the staff. 
  • Eat at Donde Nancy: Located about a 10-minute drive from the main break (ask a local for directions), we'd consider this food made with soul. We watched Nancy make our food to order and they were some of the best sopes and tacos we tried on our trip. 

Want to learn more? Check out saladitasurf's instagram page for more recommendations. To experience the magic of La Saladita was a true honor and we cannot express how grateful we are to those who live and love this land.